Corporate yoga that gives back

96% of 'Best Practice' Australian organisations implemented health and wellbeing initiatives during the last 12 months /

Our Yoga classes incorporate asana (yoga poses), meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and philosophy. We create a space where your team can take the time to recharge, energise and move in a safe, professional environment. Australian workplaces now understand that longer working hours and greater personal responsibilities mean staff need time out during the day to 're-centre'. Yoga isn't a practice reserved for the flexible - it can improve mental clarity, increase concentration and elevate the mood even after one session. Our yoga programs are not cookie cutter either, we can offer the whole experience including essential oils, incense or candles, mini temple massages and use of yoga mats and props.

Our program is simple.

  1. Your business sponsors a Yoga Program for a set amount of time (for example 6, 8 or 12 weeks) and we assign a fundraising target.

  2. Each staff that participates in a yoga class contributes a gold coin donation or payment.

  3. 100% of the funds raised from staff donations goes directly to a charity of the businesses’ choice or towards a Statera Collective project, ie: a house build and solar panels for a Cambodian family (AUD$4200).

Be a business that fulfils wellness and corporate social responsibility. Your good people will stick around!

We hold yoga programs locally or internationally and will customise a Yoga program to suit your business, event or organisation. We have run yoga programs nationally for large corporates, including a ANZ Bank, private schools and community groups. Internationally, we run community programs for community schools and an NGO in Cambodia. Our programs are accessible and suited to beginners and all ages.

For information on corporate packages, please send us an enquiry via email including the proposed dates, estimated number of participants and We look forward to working with you!