responsible volunteering and wellness triPS. WE CALL THEm CHANGEMAKER TRIPS.

Responsible volunteering, because we really care and want to ensure we're enabling local communities. Wellness, so you have a chance to refresh and relax. It's all about balance. Get involved with a responsible volunteering project you're passionate about and then enjoy daily yoga, meditation, mind blowing food, swanky accommodation and some adventurous activities. The Trips run for one week because we know you have a busy life, they are affordable and the perfect opportunity to travel to a beautiful new place whilst giving back! We know jumping into a volunteering project overseas can feel daunting so we've connected with some epic NGOs (non-government organisations) who run responsibly and organised an itinerary that will blow your mind. If you have kids, we have Changemaker Trips that are family friendly (kids 4 years and older are welcome) and if you're a business with a group of staff wanting to give back, our Corporate Changemaker Trip can be customised to suit your team.

You've always wanted to volunteer; now is your time. Tick this one off the bucket list. You know you want to!