Statera Collective X ReThink Orphanages

We are uber passionate about responsible volunteering and educating our community about what is it to travel responsibly. We are excited to announce that we are now an official partner of ReThink Orphanages Australia. We advocate non-orphanage tourism as most children living in orphanages globally aren't actually orphans, in fact 80% of orphans have at least one living parent (ReThink Orphanages). ReThink Orphanages is a global, cross-sector coalition working to prevent family separation and unnecessary child institutionalization by shifting the way countries in the global north engage with overseas aid and development. They have also produced a film illustrating why good hearted people wanting to volunteer don’t always do the right thing.

One example we educate our volunteers about is that buying merchandise off children selling in the streets, keeps them out of school because they earn more money working that getting an education. Often, children selling merchandise on the street will be caught up in local gangs and criminal rings so many poorer families will never see the money earnt by their children.

We understand some people have an innate desire to volunteer and so we’ve created the Changemaker Trip which supports children staying with their parents and breaking the cycle of poverty. For more information about ReThink orphanages visit,